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Charcoal paving Project in Abbots Langley

New driveway installed in Abbots Langley light grey border
charcoal paving 45 herringbone pattern

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Charcoal Paving Project in Abbots Langley

Why choose charcoal paving stones when resurfacing a driveway? Some experts will cite their durability. Others could instead highlight the unique patterns which can be created as well as their undeniable kerb appeal. In truth, both of these variables came into play when consulting with a customer in Abbots Langley. It was clearly determined that their driveway was no longer functioning as it should. So, our team quickly got to work.

We began by manually removing the tarmac surface in order to expose the subsoil. This soil was then levelled and compacted; providing a strong foundation for the block paving stones. Unlike other materials, each stone needed to be laid by hand. This required a fair amount of talent and our team members were certainly up to the task. A series of light grey bricks was thereafter used to create a stunning border; further accentuating the interior herringbone pattern.

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