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Driveway with Gravel Area Project in Garston Watford

New driveway installed with gravel area in Garston Watford
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Driveway and Gravel Project in Garston-Watford

There are inevitably times when an old driveway will require a facelift in order to restore it to its former glory. Having said this, numerous materials can be selected. This are based off of the needs of the client as well as the location in question. Still, it is not uncommon for driveways to employ more than one type of surface. One relevant example can be seen in a recent project in Garston.

We were contacted by a property owner who wished to remove and replace an existing driveway surface. In this case, it was eventually decided that a series of grey block paving stones laid out in a herringbone pattern represented the most functional and aesthetically pleasing solution. We also concluded that this surface would be flanked by a separate area comprised of gravel. This rectangular space was further punctuated by a series of bricks placed within its centre. After all, why not add a bit of much-needed personality to what might have otherwise appeared to be a rather generic driveway?

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