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Amazing Porcelain Patio in Watford

Another porcelain patio install today in Watford

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Stunning Porcelain Patio in Watford

There are many ways in which the appearance of a garden can be indelibly transformed within a short period of time. One of the most well-known solutions involves the use of a bespoke patio. A recently completed project in Watford clearly illustrates why PaveCraft Driveways and Patios represents your co-to source when nothing but the best will suffice.

The first stage of this project involved removing a fair amount of debris from the immediate area. While this required a bit of manual labour, it was absolutely essential in order to ensure that the subsequent patio would remain flat and true. Then, the actual installation process could begin.

We chose to use porcelain patio slabs in this case. These stones represent high-end solutions and yet, they are also extremely durable; ensuring that maintenance requirements will be kept to a minimum. Furthermore, the off-white tones of these slabs worked in synergy with the exterior of the home while simultaneously providing an open and welcoming patio.

Note that porcelain paving slabs are only one of the many options offered by the team at PaveCraft. To learn more or to schedule a hands-on consultation, please contact us directly.

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