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Block Paved & Driveway Project in Abbots Langley

New driveway and fencing installed Abbots Langley driveline 50
pewter multi bricks dark and light grey border

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Block-Paved Driving Project in Abbots Langley

There are many instances when it actually makes a great deal of sense to tackle more than one landscaping project simultaneously. This can help to save time, money and a fair amount of aggravation. Once again, PaveCraft is always on your side. Thanks to more than 20 years of reliable solutions, we were contacted by a customer in Abbots Langley. During the initial consultation, it became clear that the existing driveway needed to be removed entirely. The client also wished to install a wooden fence for both privacy and aesthetics.

We began by removing the old driveway materials before laying down a series of pewter-toned block paving stones in a herringbone pattern. These stones were complimented with a series of two parallel white lines arounds the periphery. The fencing was comprised of horizontal slats punctuated by an upper latticed portion; providing a quaint and yet contemporary appeal. Of course, please note that this is only a brief overview of what was involved. In order to truly appreciate the options at your disposal, it is best to contact a PaveCraft representative at your convenience.

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