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Driveway & Block Paved Project in Abbots Langley

New driveway installed in Abbots Langley Driveline 50 pewter
multi charcoal edging raise key curbs

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Block Paving Driveway Project in Abbots Langley

The team at PaveCraft have been providing our customers with bespoke block paving solutions for over two decades and these surfaces are just as popular in these contemporary times. Block paving stones come in a variety of colours, they can be laid out in numerous patterns and they require relatively little maintenance in order to retain their beauty.

So, it makes perfect sense that these materials are some of the most popular choices when tackling a driveway renovation project. It just so happens that a recent job in Abbot Langley underscores the points mentioned above.

Once the old driveway materials were mechanically excavated, the surface was levelled. A series of raised paving blocks (known as key kerb stones) were installed before the team decided to tackle the interior of the driveway. The customer desired pewter-coloured stones that were configured in an attractive herringbone pattern (to compliment the colour of the home). As always, PaveCraft met and exceeded these expectations.

Do you hope to achieve a similar look? Perhaps you have other ideas in mind for your driveway or front garden. the good news is that the flexible approaches embraced by PaveCraft will tackle even the most challenging of tasks. Either way, please contact us in order to schedule a hassle-free consultation.

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