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Driveway - Autumn Gold with Charcoal Border
Project in Watford

New driveway installed in Watford
charcoal border autumn gold

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Autumn Gold Driveway with Charcoal Border in Watford

What are some of the aspects which serve to define a modern driveway? Functionality is obviously important. However, property owners also want to employ aesthetics in order to transform the appearance of their homes. The professionals at PaveCraft have been providing a synergy of both for more than 20 years and a recent project in Watford highlights why we are your go-to source in terms of continuous quality assurance.

We prepared this circular driveway for resurfacing by removing all existing debris before applying a layer of sand (that would be subsequently compacted). The sand serves as a level foundation and it ensures that no drainage issues will emerge. In terms of visual beauty, nothing was left to chance thanks to the use of autumn gold block paving stones that were laid out in a herringbone pattern. These bricks were then punctuated with a charcoal stone border; tying the entire surface together while also ensuring that the inner blocks will remain firmly in place.

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