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Driveway Project in Stanmore

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Driveway Project in Stanmore

The team at PaveCraft has certainly encountered many different types of driveways during our more than 20 years of continual operation. We are often contacted when the surfaces have become damaged, outdated or otherwise need to be replaced. These were the primary reasons why we recently visited a homeowner in Stanmore. The driveway in question had seen better days and a change was in order. As a fair amount of debris needed to be removed, we employed a mechanical mini loader. This helped to save time as well as money. We could then access the subsurface to ensure that it was flat and level.

The client opted for block paving stones due to their unique beauty as well as the ability to create a host of patterns. We chose a staggered configuration for this project. Brindle border stones (kerb edging with a slightly slanted edge) were then used around the periphery. These help to ensure that the central blocks remain in place while providing a nice visual punctuation to the driveway. Do you want to learn more about how PaveCraft was able to achieve such stunning results? If so, take a moment to contact us. We will be happy to schedule a consultation.

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