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Front Garden Sandstone Path and Wall Project

New front garden fence slab parvenu step and decorative wall around front garden installed in Watford

Front Garden Sandstone Path and Wall Project in Watford

There are many elements which can be employed in order to complete the overall “personality” of a garden. These are often used in conjunction with one another so that a balanced appeal can be achieved without detracting from the natural beauty of the area in question. Still, finding the appropriate solution can be tricky at times. This is normally when the professionals at PaveCraft are contacted. For example, a Watford homeowner recently asked for our assistance when tackling a renovation project.

In this case, there were several issues which needed to be addressed. While the existing lawn would remain intact, a curved 90-degree walkway and a decorative brick wall were both desired. We discussed the different options withe customer and it was decided that Indian sandstone would be used for the walkway due to its cost-effective and durable qualities. The red brick wall would likewise serve to compliment the exterior of the home. Both of these elements served to tie the garden together and ultimately, to provide the entire area with a refined visual appeal. Feel free to speak with us to learn more about what methods were employed.

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