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Watford Garden Fences Project

New concrete post concrete gravel boards and
close board fencing installed in Watford

Garden Fencing Project in Watford

Although PaveCraft has become famous for our ability to engineer quality patios and driveway, it is important to note that our team is just as capable of supplying bespoke fencing solutions. We feel that any fence should offer superior levels of privacy while simultaneously enhancing the visual appeal of any garden. These are some of the reasons why we recently worked with a Watford property owner. The existing wooden fence had become damaged over time and it was no longer structurally sound. So, a new unit was certainly in order.

After further consulting with the client, we chose to install a close-board fencing configuration. As the name already hints, this style is particularly beneficial in terms of privacy. This is why it is frequently used within residential areas. The inclusion of concrete posts likewise helps to ensure longevity as well as the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Note only will this border last for years, but its physical beauty can provide any garden with a decidedly organic appeal.

If you desire a new fence or you are simply interested to learn more about the solutions offered by PaveCraft, please take a few moments to speak with a customer service specialist. We are always happy to consult with potential clients, as transparency is crucial when developing long-term business relationships.

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