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Sandstone Patio Project in Watford

New sandstone patio Raj Green colour Taylor border Brendle key curbs and Lawn New sandstone patio Raj Green colour tech lab order Brendle key curbs and new lawn installed

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Sandstone Patio Project in Watford

There are several reasons why sandstone has become an extremely popular material for surfacing patios. Not only is this stone easy to cut and shape, but its porous nature addressed possible drainage concerns. It is quite durable and when properly maintained, it can last for years at a time with few maintenance issues. These were some of the very same benefits that were pointed out when consulting with a client in Watford. As the old patio was extremely outdated, a change was certainly warranted.

So, the first step involved removing a series of cement slabs before mechanically levelling the surface so that the sandstone could be put into place. Mortar was thereafter used to cement the joints before installing a raised brick border. These very same types of bricks were employed to create another border around a peripheral garden that would also contain a new lawn supplied by PaveCraft.

While this multifaceted project was challenging, the final results were worth all of the effort. This is once again why it is important to contact the team at PaveCraft if you wish to leverage all of the talents that we bring to the table.

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