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Black Limestone Patio - Brick Border

900 x 600 black limestone Brick Brindle border
installed in Oxy in Watford

Black Limestone Patio with Brindle Brick Border in Watford

It is often the smallest of spaces that can have the most impressive impacts upon the appearance of any garden. One shining example of this observation can be seen in a recently completed project in Watford. We were initially contacted by a customer who was looking to transform what could only be called a rather generic garden into a veritable work of art. Due to the limited amount of space, our team carefully analysed the options at our disposal.

We decided that black limestone paving slabs would have the most agreeable visual impact due to their bold appearance as well as their low-maintenance characteristics. These were then complimented with the use of a raise brindle brick border. Offering a contemporary flair alongside a traditional appeal, this patio breathed new life into the existing garden. Do you feel that your home requires a similar facelift? Would you like to learn more about the other services provided by PaveCraft? The good news is that we are only a phone call away.

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