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Driveway & Marshalls Brindle
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New driveway installed today in St Albans Marshals
Brindle paving charcoal border

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New Driveway in St. Albans

The professionals at PaveCraft are often contacted when nothing but the most innovative and visually appealing solutions will suffice. A recently finished project in St. Albans can help to serve as a means to appreciate what we have to offer and it is therefore worthwhile taking a closer look.

During the initial consultation, it was determined that the existing driveway of this property needed to be replaced with a series of paving stones supplied by Marshalls Brindle. These stones boast second-to-none levels of quality and their organic appeal is said to be specifically associated with British homes. Thus, they were able to offer a down-to-earth and yet extremely attractive visual appeal. We then opted for a dark charcoal border in order to further accentuate the appearance of the driveway surface.

Not only was this a vast improvement over the existing concrete surface, but such a driveway is often able to increase the resale value of a home. Do you find such a style particularly interesting? Might you instead wish to learn about the other options offered by PaveCraft? Either way, please send us a message. We will be pleased to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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