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Resin Patio Project in Watford

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Block Paving Project in Watford

Although there are many times when PaveCraft is called to deal with the functional issues associated with a driveway or walkway, other instances are associated with aesthetics alone. One recent project in Watford helps to illustrate this point. A customer contacted us with the intention of modifying an existing stone slab driveway/walkway. As it appeared somewhat dated, an upgrade as in order. Similar to many of our clients throughout Watford, it was decided that block paving stones were the most appropriate solutions.

Block paving stones can be laid out in a kaleidoscope of different patterns, numerous tones are available, they are extremely durable surfaces, and little maintenance is required. These are some of the main reasons why we have already used such stones to complete countless projects. Once the old materials were removed, the stones were put in place by hand. A black-and-white border was likewise used to further reinforce the aesthetic appeal of the entire area. Not only did the subsequent surface work in conjunction with the exterior of the home, but (as always), the client was extremely happy with the final results.

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