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Porcelain Patio Project in Rickmansworth

A new Marshalls porcelain slabs with a border new steps and
a retaining wall to hold back the bank installed in Rickmansworth Brick paving
path with a new porcelain silver patio

Before After rickmansworth porcelain patio 02rickmansworth porcelain patio 03

Porcelain Patio Paving Project in Rickmansworth

It has often been claimed that a patio is meant to represent the centrepiece of any garden. So, it is only logical that the most durable and attractive materials are utilised when an upgrade is needed. This is one of the reasons why a Rickmansworth client recently contacted the cadre of experts at PaveCraft. After an initial assessment, it was decided that porcelain paving stones would provide the most amenable solution while still offering a practical edge.

Porcelain paving stones are some of the most luxurious and attractive patio materials; particularly suited for clients who wish to imbue their property with what can only be called a second-to-none aesthetic appeal. The light tone of these slabs also provides a sense of space while reflecting ambient light. Once the bulk of the surface was put in place, this inner region was punctuated with a reed brick border. These bricks were also able to compliment the exterior of the home itself.

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